Jan. 13th, 2013 -

“This site is devoted to the genre of the immersive puzzle,
but until there is another like MAZE, this site stands as a testament
to the brilliance of Christopher Manson, who, in one stroke
launched and mastered a new genre of literature.”

   -  White Raven


maze cover


Welcome to the MAZE community where fans of Christopher Manson’s MAZE can come together to share ideas, hints, clues, tips, tricks, solutions, observations, etc. to the multitude of MAZE puzzles that have gone unsolved in the public sphere.
Be part of the solution to MAZE.

Welcome to the Abyss!


MAZE, an Introduction >

The History of MAZE >

 MAZE Reviews >

54 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Abyssians,

    The last three weeks has seen the granting of one puzzle point but that one put us at 66% solved (based on the solutions I am familiar with, not including guide stuff, void where prohibited).

    One third to go!

    White Raven

  2. Abyssians,

    We have just passed 2,500 comments!

    Special thanks to our recent contributors:

    Anchorperson Smith
    David Gentile
    Hello Gregor
    Hidden Mystery
    Kyle Stedman


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