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“This site is devoted to the genre of the immersive puzzle,
but until there is another like MAZE, this site stands as a testament
to the brilliance of Christopher Manson, who, in one stroke
launched and mastered a new genre of literature.”

   -  White Raven


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Welcome to the MAZE community where fans of Christopher Manson’s MAZE can come together to share ideas, hints, clues, tips, tricks, solutions, observations, etc. to the multitude of MAZE puzzles that have gone unsolved in the public sphere.
Be part of the solution to MAZE.

Welcome to the Abyss!


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84 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Abyssians,

    You may have noticed a lack of participation on my part recently, I had heart surgery and I am having a slow and difficult recovery. I will catch up with comments when I am able.

    By the way, we just passed 3,500 comments!

    White Raven

    • As soon as he’s back on his feet we’re going to have a boxing match for charity.

    • Mary, vewatkin, sp, Marianne and those of you wrote me emails, such kindness, thank you!

      Hmm… back surgery vs. heart surgery… in a boxing match… I doubt either of us would survive round one, but what the hell, it’s for charity. :)

      White Raven

    • I don’t see my previous comment here. I probably pushed the wrong button again. But I really do hope you get well soon. Both of you.

    • Best wishes for swift recovery, all of you who have had your bodies invaded for corrective surgery! You think Christopher Manson invented a maze? You ought to see the inside of your body! Now, *there* is a maze!

  2. HELLO. I’m only just become a teenager, but I’ve had the Maze for as long as I can remember and I like to think I’m intelligent enough to help solve things and whatnot with the rest of you! I came to this site when I saw that my older sister was reading The Cask Of Amontillado for school, (which I had already read on my own time last year and saw how page 39 referenced it) so I had decided to look up more things about the book, deciding that I wasn’t quite done with it. That happened a couple of days ago but this is the first time I’ve written something on here, since it is now the weekend and there’s no homework. I’m hoping to become a regular visitor to the site, although I’d have to do it on my own since my inbox is so full (a thousand-something unread!) that I’ve stopped checking for new e-mails.

    • Welcome to the gong show! We’re glad to see this small community grow from all walks of life.

  3. To all readers of this site:

    Based on a review of site statistics, removing all the spiders, hotlinks, accidental visits, one time visitors, and even casual visitors, The Abyss has at present a community of about 162 readers who check in more than twice a month and seriously read the material.

    I have heard from many of you in emails but I thought it would be nice for the hardy solvers to hear from their public.

    If you are a reader of this site please reply to this comment and just say hi. If you don’t want to leave an email address, just write in your nickname @intotheabyss.net and I will approve a one time comment.

    If you want to say a bit more, perhaps mention how you came to be a fan of MAZE.

    We look forward to hearing from you!

    White Raven

    • It wasn’t until I saw Dave’s comment and reread the post that I realized the request for salutations applies to the regulars as well. Hi!

    • Hi White Raven, Dave and Vewatkin! You guys rock!

      I got my book as a gift from a weird uncle. Years of looking over the book and now I am weird too.

    • My roommate died and inherited the book which just adds to the creepiness. Greetings to you all!

    • Hey all you maze fans! My book arrived after an odd experience. I was driving alone along a long stretch of highway and suddenly a bright light shown down on my car. Next thing I knew I was home 200 miles away with the book in seat next to me and an odd scar on my abdomen. Been a fan ever since!

    • I have been a fan since I was 15. It is great to see that people recognize that this book is genius.

    • Hey everyone! You are all way smart and us dummies appreciate it.

      Raven, thanks for not spilling your beans all at once. This is awesome.

    • Told to me by Sam the girl (with permission to post):

      How I got into maze…Someone left the book in my room in college. My roommate and I kept the door unlocked so I am sure someone just left it in there. I held on to the book in case someone came asking for it. I decided to play through it once before throwing it away. Now it is my favorite book. I have the strangest feeling that if I can understand maze I can understand life.

    • Hi! When I was a 7 or 8, I’d visit my Dad every other weekend. He lived in a small apartment that had very few books. One of the books he did have was this book “Maze”, which he left underneath his coffee table and seemingly had 0% interest in–perhaps he received it as a gift? My favorite book at the time was “the 11th Hour” by Graeme Base. It’s also a sort of a picture-mystery book full of riddles, red herrings, and luscious illustration. The difference was “The 11th Hour” was solve-able. “Maze,” it seemed, was not, and I think I can share with this forum and say that I spent many hours as a child flipping my way through that book and attempting to grasp it. Like, really: attempting to grasp it. I never did. Now, in my 30s, I have purchased a used copy from Amazon and keep it in my bathroom where still it haunts me…but not because I don’t grasp the riddles (I don’t. At all.) It haunts me because I get the feeling that even if I did learn or solve “Maze”, it would still be a mystery.

      For fans of “Maze” who may also be into science fiction or fantasy literature, I’d recommend Gene Wolfe’s “New Sun” series, which presents a similar level of high-mystery and inspires its own lively, dedicated discourse. Thanks for reading.

    • Hey everyone, great to hear from you all!

      For me Maze is a childhood fetish that will never end.

    • As I approach my 70th birthday anniversary, I look for more puzzles to solve, keeping what remains of my mind active and healthy. Christopher Manson has captured my imagination! I don’t know that there is a *single* solution to the puzzle–there could be several, depending on the attitude and mindset of the player. Still, I enjoy the play!

  4. Abyssians,

    The last three weeks has seen the granting of one puzzle point but that one put us at 66% solved (based on the solutions I am familiar with, not including guide stuff, void where prohibited).

    One third to go!

    White Raven

  5. Abyssians,

    We have just passed 2,500 comments!

    Special thanks to our recent contributors:

    Anchorperson Smith
    David Gentile
    Hello Gregor
    Hidden Mystery
    Kyle Stedman


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