Jan. 13th, 2013 -

“This site is devoted to the genre of the immersive puzzle,
but until there is another like MAZE, this site stands as a testament
to the brilliance of Christopher Manson, who, in one stroke
launched and mastered a new genre of literature.”

   -  White Raven


maze cover


Welcome to the MAZE community where fans of Christopher Manson’s MAZE can come together to share ideas, hints, clues, tips, tricks, solutions, observations, etc. to the multitude of MAZE puzzles that have gone unsolved in the public sphere.
Be part of the solution to MAZE.

Welcome to the Abyss!


MAZE, an Introduction >

The History of MAZE >

 MAZE Reviews >

544 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. had a dream some popular creator on youtube made a video on maze, and this site got a ton of attention to the point where dozens of new people were commenting in short periods of time, it was chaos

    • Oh god, it’s like what happened to Petscop. I both pray that this does and that this does not happen.

    • Imagine a Let’s Play Maze series. And as per the convention of Let’s Plays of cryptic games, the titles would all be obvious pieces of lore that the player was completely shocked at uncovering.

      Let’s Play MAZE #582 – THE GUIDE IS EVIL!
      Let’s Play MAZE #583 – I CAN’T ESCAPE!


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