Identity of the “Guide”

Who is the guide?

Manson has confirmed that the Guide is the Minotaur. There are many clues to his identity littered through out the book, including a trail of clues (perhaps involving trefoils or references to Cerberus), and the “Easter Egg” described below.

Title Page:

The Key-Stone: The key points us to the the key-shaped trap (see the map of The Trap rooms). The fact that the key is carved into a stone is perhaps a visual word riddle for “keystone” indicating that what we find in the trap is important.

The Mason Objects: The spike, compass, hammer and square are often placed together in the symbolism of the Masons, usually these items are placed flanking the Bible. Here the scroll is in the location usually occupied by the Bible, suggesting that what is on the scroll is important.


In many masonic images the Bible is flanked or overlaid by the compass and square. The hammer and spike are also common elements (in the left and center images).

Hidden Letters: The letters in the maze in the map spell out “IN SLY” this uses all the obvious letters in the map except for a “C” (it could also be an “n” or a “u”) which is off to the right separate from the others. The objects surrounding the parchment perhaps signify letters and spell out “devil” or “evil.” So the phrase is “Devil In Sly” or “Evil In Sly.” Alternately the objects leaning against the keystone could spell out “I AM” so the whole phrase reads “I am in sly.” Or the “C” could be taken as “see” so it reads “See In Sly.”

Possible phrasings:
(see) IN SLY

Room 43:


  - Images copyright 1985 by Christopher Manson

676 thoughts on “Identity of the “Guide”

  1. Another thing, if it hasn’t been said already: In room 25, the guide narrates “Though one of my parents might be lowborn, the other was close to a king;” In mythology, the Minotaur’s parents are a sacrificial bull, who you could argue is low-born, and Pasiphaë (the wife of King Minos), who was close to a king, make of that what you will.

  2. So, I found some information that may or may not appertain to the identity of the GUIDE, keeping in mind that the GUIDE is the MINOTAUR. I’m fairly certain it has absolutely nothing to do with MANSON’S original intentions, but nevertheless, I thought it would be interesting to note the following: The Latin *root “ANIM” (MINA-toor*;Minotaur) means “MIND” or “SPIRIT”. This latin root ANIM is easily recalled via the word ANIMAL, for an animal is a living, moving creature and so contains a “SPIRIT” and “MIND”. Thank you for taking the time to read this latest update of mine. B


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