MAZE General Comments

For saying something.

This and that.

 - Image copyright 1985 by Christopher Manson

654 thoughts on “MAZE General Comments

  1. Even though traversing between the rooms of this 16 step path are in a figure 8 or infinity symbol, you would still have to be looking in a spiral like direction in order to take in and/or leave out information, as if you were peering through an infinite 9 then 6 pattern, which happens to add to 9 + 6 = 15. And since the 15th letter of the alphabet is…

    • No, I thought I must have been wrong when I assumed you were talking to me. I’ve been checking my spam folder too. Try sending it again?

  2. I think that when it reads, “My crown, my pain, the fire in my eyes”, it’s really alluding to the word “Freemasonry”, along with the stereotypical symbols, a pin, and the 33°’s, which are associated with it as well. I’ll be able to explain my hypothetical inquiry on my next post.


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