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For saying something.

This and that.

 - Image copyright 1985 by Christopher Manson

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  1. For the first time in years, I found one of White Raven’s hidden webpages, but I was half-asleep and didn’t save it…
    Maybe it was just a dream! I remember it was some sort of dialogue between two characters

    • For my suitor was a river-god, Achelous, who in three shapes was always asking me from my father—coming now as a bull in visible form, now as a serpent, sheeny and coiled, now ox-faced with human trunk, while from his thick-shaded beard wellheads of fountain-water sprayed. In the expectation that such a suitor would get me, I was always praying in my misery that I might die, before I should ever approach that marriage-bed. But at last, to my joy, the glorious son of Zeus and Alcmena came and closed with him in combat and delivered me.


    • Well, I was thinking specifically of 33′s pitcher and horn, and the -on ending.

    • My fault, everybody. I should have asked whether we could EACH come up with a bad idea by the end of the year.

    • Also, “Achelous” doesn’t end with “-on.” I was thinking of Acheron, who I was reading about for some reason. I can’t even remember who Achelous is. Or Acheron.

    • Acheron is the river at the entrance of the underworld and Achelous is a different river, with the god Achelous being the personification of it. Achelous is related to horns and pitchers indeed (his fight with Herc/Heracles where his horn got torn off, poor guy…) but I can’t think of how Acheron would relate to 33. Though the lighting is pretty hellish

    • I wasn’t actually so incurious that I didn’t look “Acheron” up, but I thought it was appropriate to leave my mistake up, and receive the shame it merited.

    • I guess I did it more for the sake of just having the definitions of both up to think about, I don’t know… I should never doubt if you’ll validly verify veracity Vince!

  2. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I can’t believe INTO THE ABYSS is 8 years old, and MAZECAST is 7 years old. Time flies when you’re having fun.


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