Room 15 Images

15-7 15-72 15-3


Looks like 1, 2, and 7 are the winners.



4 thoughts on “Room 15 Images

  1. Another good reason to see this as intentional is the way Manson sort of cheated to get the letters to line up this well. My first question when I saw this was why the letters don’t line up exactly if Manson intended this to clue SEVEN–but beyond the first letters in each row, none of them line up very well, and the reason seems to be because instead of placing the letters on a grid, Manson crammed some in tighter than others (look at the C in Hercules, as compared to the C in Achilles) and curved the paper to have the letters line up as well as they do; he’s essentially forcing the 7th letters in some words to match with the 5th letters and 6th letters in others, and trying to do it in such a way as not to make SEVEN obvious. But when you shift and squeeze letters like that, columns of letters won’t tend to line up, so if there were suddenly “SEVEN” written straight up without any variation, it would stick out like a sore thumb.

    So, in other words, the SEVEN is better lined up than you would expect if you just wrote the names on a piece of paper, and creating that effect required goofing with the poster and lettering a little bit, such that the word would be too obvious if it were completely straight.



    See how much worse that is?

  2. The two choices to the left make sense from the perspective that Manson is trying to hide the word by cutting it off, but trying to make it reasonably find-able by lining up the letters. And this explains the half cut off V and N.

    But the right hand version has the advantage of all the letters being at least partially visible.

    However you slice it, it works. Great find!

    • i def like the first two, it fits with being a hidden word search style puzzle.


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