Room 17 Images

The arrow solution: Arrows point away from wrong doors
The first arrow is a bit weak but it hardly matters since it is a locked door.

A Room-17-image-2A room-6-image-1A Room-17-images-3

Other solutions which may have value: Trail of Dots (starting at a bulls-eye?)

Dots Room-17-images-dots

Other solutions which may have value: Go With The Flow
This one requires looking at the whole scene all at once. Following the flow around the jars the scene seems to flow toward 45. If intentional this is not a clue as such but a suggestive illusion.

Rotation Room-17-images-5Rotation Room-17-images-4

Other solutions which may have value: The Upward Arrow


The big band of white in the middle of the vase may be meant to emphasize the connection with Door 45. Or it may just be pointing us to Door 45 and not the vase with the squares at all.

Above solutions grouped by door:

05 Room-17-Door-33-image-arrow05 Room-17-Door-33-image-dotsRoom-17-Door-33-image-square-group05 Room-17-Door-6-Arrows05 Room-17-Locked-Door-Arrows05 Room-17-Locked-Door-Dots

Center Jar Spiral: Assuming (for the sake of argument) that the above solutions are correct, then all these jars are associated with wrong doors and part of solutions except for the jar front and center. This jar sports a pattern which spirals into the center from either side. Perhaps an indication we take the center door?



8 thoughts on “Room 17 Images

  1. I agree with SP the locked door arrow is not so hot.

    I find the upward arrow with the squiggle very compelling. I’m surprised WR didn’t have this as a straight up solution.

    The go with the flow doesn’t grab me but WR says it’s not really a solution so I’m not sure how to evaluate it except to say, meh.

    I find the dots compelling they are clearly intentional, the end of each row lines up with the next. If you extend the dotted line further the nearest row of dots points right at the nearest vase. The whole series then makes an S shape very similar to the squiggle above the upward arrow. The chances on these all lining up like they do and pointing from the viewer to the door, in the pattern of the shape on the vase, is incredibly small.

    I also like the center spiral on the one vase not next to a door. Seems pretty straight forward – Only vase by itself. Only vase with a pattern that could be interpreted as coming from the left and right toward the center.

    • Carl, good analysis. I was going to argue about the dots but then BAM I saw it. I wouldn’t tie in the S shape above the up arrow to the dots. I see what you are saying, the S shape is rather similar, but I think the up arrow with the “jog to the left” over it is the strongest clue in the bunch by itself, stronger than the arrows pointing away from the wrong doors.

      I also think that the center jar isn’t a clue but more of suggestion but it seems carefully crafted to make this suggestion.

      I think someone ought to say this: The fact that these are Raven’s throwaway ideas is a little awe inspiring.

    • So yes to…
      Upward arrow with jog to the left.
      Arrows from wrong doors 6 and 33.
      Trail of dots but starting with the center pot/jar/amphorae.
      Center pot spiral symbol.

      No to…
      Arrow from locked door.
      The flow idea.

      What about the bulls eye on the pot right front? Anything here?

  2. Good job with the hidden arrows on the vase near 33, but I simply cannot get on board with the “locked door” picture where the triangle/arrows are clearly pointing downward (and the “black” arrows upward). I don’t think this either hurts or helps your suggestion, but I definitely don’t think left or right are kosher here, the blue outline you drew is more of a seven than arrow, I think we can do better than this.

    Not to COMPLETELY trash your theory – I do like the arrows pointing away from 33, but there is clearly no dotted trail (there is no semblance of continuity between each dotted pattern).

    Personally I think there is more in this room regarding eyes, but let me think on it before posting any further.

    • SP,

      Go ahead and trash this stuff. The arrows next to Door 6 and 33 are solid but the rest of this is flotsam that I am tossing out there to see where it drifts.

      Maybe the up/down arrows next to the locked door suggests neither-here-nor-there ambivalence. Or maybe the dark up arrows are meant to direct the eye to the upward pointing arrows above Door 45. Or maybe it is just decoration. Hard to say.

      White Raven

    • I guess I’m just surprised that general arrow stuff in this room was only mentioned now, I feel like we all mulled over it for a long time before this, but I guess it was never made official. I STILL feel like this is more in this room, the jug handles are just far too oddly shaped to be “nothing”. HmmM!!!!

    • SP,

      I only monitor conversations on The Abyss and occasionally watch the podcasts. The arrows pointing from Door 6 was first mentioned on this site and confirmed as incomplete quite a while ago. The arrows pointing from Door 33 was just mentioned on this site now but I am not party to the kind of discussions you are.

      I agree with you that the jar handles are suspicious but despite the highly debatable 3 handles / 6 handles idea (posted yesterday on the Room 17 page) I’ve got nothing. Here’s to hoping that someone finds a solid connection.

      White Raven


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