Room 42 Images


Based on volume.


Based on negative space indent (top lines) and line of the ankle fold (bottom line).


How they would need to point.




3 thoughts on “Room 42 Images

  1. I am quite convinced this is a thing. I looked through at all of the 4s in the book. They mostly appear with an open top, rather than a closed top as shown in this room. They appear with a closed top in these other rooms only:

    11, 14, 29, 25, 31, 37

    If you look at them, you’ll see that the bit that sticks off to the right (the front bear paw in the diagram) is markedly shorter in all of those other instances of a closed-top 4. That’s enough to convince me that this was a deliberate hint to pick door 4 — Manson drew the 4 to match the paws.

    • Aria,

      Even thought no one else has commented, I agree, while not completely convinced I am convinced enough. I am adding it to the summary!

      White Raven

    • I didn’t comment, but you can can always assume when I’m silent that my comment would be exactly what you’d expect.


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