The Solution to Manson’s MAZE: Part I – The 16 Step Path

The Path to the center of the maze:

From Room 1, you take the door to Room 26, then go Room 30, then to Room 42, then to Room 4, then to Room 29.

In Room 29 the door to Room 17 is hidden (it should be easy to find now that you know this), from Room 17 you enter Room 45.

So it goes like:  1 > 26 > 30 > 42 > 4 > 29 (find hidden door) > 17 > 45.


The Path out of the maze:

From Room 28 go to Room 23, then to Room 8, then to Room 12, then to Room 39, then back to Room 4 (which you visited on the way in), then to Room 15, then to Room 37, then to Room 20, then to Room 1 from which you can exit the maze.

So it goes like:  23 > 8 > 12 > 39 > 4 (I’ve been here before!) > 15 > 37 > 20 > 1


All 16 Steps:

1 > 26 > 30 > 42 > 4 > 29 > 17 > 45 > 23 > 8 > 12 > 39 > 4 > 15 > 37 > 20 > 1


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7 thoughts on “The Solution to Manson’s MAZE: Part I – The 16 Step Path

  1. As an optimist, I have found a slightly longer but much more fulfilling solution to the maze. So, the path in is pretty standard as described (except you pick up the hammer and axe from room 4 (more on this shortly)). On the way back you go 45->23->8->12->39->11. “Whatever you do don’t touch that!” Psh, you have not been helping at all mysterious stranger. You press the bell repeatedly and everyone stuck in room 24 uses the sound to make their way out of the darkness (what is that, +21 people, including one eyed Joe?). So now you journey on together. -> 40->38. In 38, the monkey knows this dude is lying to us when he says it’s impossible to climb up the slippery slide, there’s clearly an 8 on that door he’s trying to hide! If you’re gonna flip a 17, I’m gonna deduce a carved over 8. So we utilize our newly increased party size to make a kind of human ladder to reach the top of the slide, and then pull everyone out. -> 8->12->39. In 39 the chopping and hammering these other guys are talking about is us, you dorks! No man left behind, not even the jester. We use the hammer and axe we picked up in room 4 to break open the brick wall -> 15->37->20->(pet the turtle)->1 and everyone gets out.

  2. hi there, first time maze doer, long time maze admirer. oh boy, where do i start? well, for one thing, this maze book is HARD. let me say it again, HARD. every night i’ve tried for at least fifteen minutes (sometimes more) and every night i fail the maze. this has been going on for some time now and me and my girlfriend are getting kind of tired of trying. we even have had fights about it – about our attitudes, whether we’re winners or losers (she thinks i’m a loser, or have the attitude of a loser, on some nights – but it’s HER who usually gives up first!!!!) well, where was I …….. anyway, i was very glad when i googled ‘maze hardest puzzle in the world answer’ and found your great website. simple, streamlined, no-nonsense answers just like i like. got a question? you’ve got an answer. 1>26>30 and so on – brilliant. now that i’ve done the maze, i think i could really get into this whole maze thing. are there any other mazes (maybe even harder ones) that you’d recommend? so fun!

  3. I looked up “Principles of dynamic modularity in brain lesion therapy”. Found the 16 steps to the safest path.

    • I went to see Black Panther last weekend, it confirmed that the Riddle of the Maze is, “What house will all live in?” I think Infinity War is going to have the solution.

    • Finlay,

      Welcome to The Abyss!

      Unmarked doors can’t be traversed. This is confirmed by the instructions (“If you use your head, you should be able to make the journey in only sixteen steps.”) as well as the author, Christopher Manson, who said that the doors are decoration…the visible numbers are the maze.

      White Raven


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