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  1. I think I may have finally figured it out. Not quite in its entirety, but pretty darn close, I would imagine. Something to do with Josef Mengele a.k.a. “The Angel of Death” and his ghastly experiments for “educational purposes”, of course. Along with the dwarfs, giants, hunchbacks, and the Roma (gypsies) . Confiscated belongings (pictures, childrens toys, electrical appliances, of victims from the holocaust strewn throughout. Similarity between “The Magic Kingdom” and this “Tragic Kingdom”. The extraction of teeth without anesthesia. The relation between the “key” title page and the tattoos of the 1st SS Panzer Division “Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler”. The use of Zyklon B (my crown, my pain (dental extractions) the fire in my eyes (eye irritant from the gas) gas pellets in a metal grate) . Gouging of eyeballs from twins in reference to page 24 ( 10 pairs of twins / can’t see doors if you have no eyes to see them with) . 190 double doors on each side of a box car on the train that led to them to Z gate. Auschwitz. 2 double doors = 4 single doors / 190 double doors = 40 box cars. The mention of victims shot in the head (bullseye) and of mushrooms, which thrive from fertilizer (from which the dead were often turned into). I’ll likely come back with some more additives, but please if you could, give me your opinion of my “Trained Investigation”. Thanks.

    • This is the page for discussion of White Raven’s email address. I don’t think there is a page here for Holocaust free association.

  2. My friend had maze when i was a kid even though i never really understood what the clues meant i loved the idea and the artwork. For some reason I’d recently been thinking about it. I finally googled it a few days ago (originally thinking i would never remember the title) and even though i haven’t bought a copy yet I’ve become a littlt obsessed. I’ve been using the digital pages on this site and one thing that came to me that i haven’t seen mentioned is that the text says there are 4 entrances and exits. If you figure the doors are exits and the trap doors are all entrances with devils coming out of them, the forth entrance would be at the back of the theater and the guide would be a forth devil. Also, he mentions the visitors “intentions” as in,”the road to hell is paved with good intentions .”
    Also, i feel that the sun represents god and there are clues when he says ignore that foolish face” in regards to the sun and how the sun”glared at him through the window.
    Oh, the last thing was if the devils have there mouth open symbolizing that they are making noise to distract isn’t that what the guide is also doing when he says things to mislead you?

  3. WHITE – RAVEN – EARTH – GLOBE – WORLD – scrambling these letters produces the words – TERRIBLE – HEAVEN – WRATH – GOD – OLO which I’m guessing stands for Only Live Once, but then again, who really knows.

  4. I found this book in a children’s gift book. Unaware of what I was opening up (hahahaha), I challenged my family to some friendly competition for Christmas. Little did I know, this family frenzy will go on for years! I placed the order for 10 more copies for members of my family!

    Let the games begin!

    • 3h,

      I suspect this is just a coincidence but from your email I gather that your last name is Holt and your first name starts with an H. I mention this because the publisher of MAZE is Henry Holt Publishers. Any relation?

      Welcome to The Abyss!

      White Raven

  5. I have had a lot of fun here. I realize I made quite a few mistakes. A lesson that we learn more from mistakes than from our correct guesses. I earnestly studied the text yesterday for the first time. It took about two hours to find the code and I have traced the second half of it. I am well-versed on writing code, so for me, I could not rest until I found it. The best codes are simple ones. I would love to write a book myself someday. Thanks for this site. If I can find Chris, I hope to send him my maze.

    • I’ve tried to find if someone else has posted about room 22 that one can add H plus OO using their respective number places in the alphabet to get 38. Is this already well known? Also the missing astrological earth sign could be derived from woman’s jewelry. Made of gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, other precious stones – everything is from the earth.

    • Kathrine,

      I am posting your comment on the Room 22 page.

      Welcome to the Abyss! You have been approved and may now post freely.

      I don’t think we are meant to do alphanumeric substitution here but it is an amazing observation, well done!

      White Raven

  6. To WhiteRaven: Got it. Are you the only one here who feels secure in getting it all, except one page? I am dying to find out what page you haven’t gotten. I will make a bet I can solve it within 24 hours. If you agree, I will send a real email.

  7. Fascinating. I got side-tracked from a project today when I stumbled upon the amazing book Maze. I have invented certain games where the point is to give as many clues as you can without making the answer too easy to find. I found three is the virtual limit, as four clues start too much of a pattern. I will try all of these puzzles. Thank you for this site. I’ll be back.

    I wonder if anyone has tried iviq(dot)ultimaiq(dot)net

  8. For books like MAZE, you may want to check out The Egyptian Jukebox. It’s more straightforward- less magical, more easily solved.
    House of Leaves is the first thing to come to mind when I picked up this book. The connections become frightening as I become aware that hours have passed and I am still engaged in MAZE.

    • Whoops! I meant to reply to White Raven’s reply to I want to be the guy.

  9. Thank you for posting back so quickly. I had no idea that Christopher Manson had did other books. I think I might have to check out some of the books you mentioned

    • I wanna be the guy,

      Welcome to the Abyss! I have searched and searched for books like MAZE, I’m afraid it is utterly unique. That said, there are some books and games that in different ways capture the sense of MAZE…

      If you are seeking puzzles like MAZE the only other options are Christopher Manson’s other two books The Rails I Tote and The Practical Alchemist. Neither of these are mazes but both are incredibly imaginative and elaborate puzzle books somewhat similar to MAZE which have the bonus of helping a person solve MAZE by giving a glimpse into the author’s mind.

      The video game MYST was said by the authors to be inspired by Jules Verne’s book Mysterious Island, the same book which inspired Mr. Manson. Many suspect, myself included, that MAZE was a source of inspiration for MYST as well. MYST is the closest parallel to MAZE that I know of.

      The video game Tomb Raider Anniversary has a bonus level Croft Manor that contains immersive visual puzzles similar to MAZE.

      In fiction the closest parallel is House of Leaves. A disturbing and very adult book about a House with a living maze inside it. I suspect MAZE was a source of inspiration for the book’s author.

      The writing style of MAZE is rather similar to C. S. Lewis’ The Screwtape Letters in its tone and sense of disquiet.

      In terms of visual imagery the closest parallel is Edward Gorey’s West Wing – a picture book of an odd and unsettling house.

      In regards to the surreal sense of wonder turn to The Museum of Lost Wonder – a strange and beautiful book.

      Or if you are just looking to have a illustrated book on your shelf that is wondrously original you can’t beat The Mysteries of Harris Burdick.

      You can find out more about these books and more under the Ephemera tab of this site.

      White Raven


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