MAZE General Comments

For saying something.

This and that.

 - Image copyright 1985 by Christopher Manson

408 thoughts on “MAZE General Comments

  1. No food that I can think of – but there is a rabbit and a fire, some salt and pepper, an empty bowl, a table, and at least a picture of a knife and fork.

    • There’s also quite a few apples, and the red herring above the entrance although I’m not sure if that counts.

    • There’s an unpictured pantry below Room 3; I’d recommend looking there first. If there’s nothing good there, at least grab the pans and water from 3 and take them to 18 to start your soup stock boiling. Turtle, rabbit, unnamed birds…grab what you can.

    • There’s those wine bottles in room 39 too. With such a large assortment of bottles, there has to be one with something in it.

    • Yes, I suppose there are apples, and at least the one in 9 is not cardboard. There is a picture of a pear too. Put it in a tree with a bird and you could start that 12 days of Christmas song – but there are not quite enough birds for that.


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