Puzzles by Manson

While MAZE remains Christopher Manson’s magnum opus of puzzles, The Practical Alchemist and The Rails I Tote are equally innovative.

The Practical Alchemist is basically one single puzzle with 45 parts.

The Rails I Tote is 45 separate puzzles.

MAZE is both a single puzzle and separate puzzles, with 45 rooms.

This raises an obvious question, what is the significance of the number 45? I have only one lead: 45 is the sum of 123456789, or to put it visually, it is the sum of…


Certain aspects of one of rooms of MAZE suggests that Mr. Manson is aware of the 123456789 = 45 equation. Aspects of several rooms suggest that Mr. Manson is aware of the triangular arrangement aspect and has worked it into the book at various points. However the significance of 45 could just as easily be something personal and therefore beyond understanding.


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 - Image copyright 1987 by Christopher Manson