Guide: Introduction to The Trap

Introduction to The Trap

The Trap is seven rooms from which there is no escape. Six of these rooms lead to one another. One room, which I have named “The Abyss,” is the end of the journey.

If we assume that visitors can escape the Maze at any time by leaving via the front door the odds of eventually winding up in The Abyss (as opposed to just leaving) in any trip through the Maze is about 88%. If a visitor was aware of the secret door and made a vow not to leave till they visited the center of the Maze then the chances of winding up in The Abyss is about 99.99996%.

The rooms of the Trap can be arranged in a multitude of ways, none the less, it is not a coincidence that the rooms of the Trap can be arranged to resemble a Manson-style key. Mr. Manson’s illustrations of keys in the book have two prongs like in this arrangement.

The rooms of the Trap are stark mix of some the easiest and hardest rooms of the Maze to solve.


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