Room 20 images

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5 thoughts on “Room 20 images

  1. I don’t know if this is a coincidence, and it’s kind of hard to see, but all of the triangles in the Omegas on the left side of the rug are nice pointy arrows (indicating door 1) compared with the ones on the left, which all have jagged or flat tops.

    So I guess, pointy arrows in “omega” meaning “end” — go this way to finish your game.

    • I see what you are seeing but the difference is small. I have uploaded an image above comparing the two sides.

      LEFT: All six symbols on the left side have sharp points pointing to door 1.

      RIGHT: On the right side four of the symbols have what look like flat tops instead of sharp points. The right bottom symbol has a sharp point but it appears to have a bit of a split in it. The third from the bottom symbol on the right is a sharp point like the ones on the left.

      In my opinion this is just artistic variance and not a clue…but it is certainly a debatable point.

    • Yeah, the differences are pretty marginal. (See what I did there?) In my opinion the third from the bottom on the right also looks like it has a split top but it could be just shading. Still, having the bottom half of an arrow in the room makes it feel more sensible to be looking for the top bit. Along with the “edges” stuff in the text. Ehn…

  2. Well, it looks a bit like some Alpha-and-Omega imagery out there, but this is still pretty abstract., I don’t know.

    I mean, if that’s an Omega, the shape on the middle can be a sort of Alpha, but pretty loosely. Alpha and Omega fits the end of a roundtrip journey, of course.


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