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You’ve all seen the modern classic hermit card, here’s some variants:

0076940-HERMIT-1430-Symbol-of-Prudence-Tarot-card-from-Italian-deck-printed-in-Milan-Italy-c14300432051-FINE-ART-Tarot-card-depicting-the-Hermit-Italy-16th-century-Full-credit-De-Agostini--A-Dagli-Orti--Granger-NYC----All-Rights-Reservedfollel'hermit-tocca-giriMinchiateMitelli-01 RosenwaldMarseilles Hermit Trumps

1. beard, with a hat, robes, staff, and an hourglass
2. beard, hat, robes, crutches, deer, hourglass and arrow
3. no beard, indecent exposure tunic and staff
4. no beard, robes, club and lantern
5. beard, tunic, hat crutches deer, hourglass and arrow
6. beard, wings, crutches, nude
7. beard, wings, crutches, robes
8-11. beard, lantern, staff, robes, hood (but it is down)



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