3 thoughts on “Room 34 Images

  1. You know, I’ve never been totally happy with this legs solution, because I feel like you can pretty clearly see the fourth leg over there on the right side of the chair. In the enlarged image it’s at least as clear as the third leg IMO. BUT if you put this together with the emphasis on sunlight in the room, and only count the sunlit legs, then you get:
    1 sunlit foot from table on left
    7 sunlit feet on chair (4 on left, 1 on right)
    1 sunlit foot on sofa
    1 sunlit foot on Bowler Hat

    10! 10 sunlit feet

  2. i am not sure what this proves, if there are 8 visible legs on this chair… then there are more than 10 legs in the room.

  3. I count differenly too. I don’t think the 2 chair legs on the right are visible. I count 2 for table. 6 for chair, 1 for man, 1 for couch.

    If we make assumptions the chair could have 10 legs by itself.



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