Rooms of the Loop

The Loop: The middle (ground) level contains nineteen rooms that meander about eventually leading back to room 1. The loop can be entered from two of the four doors in room 1, or from many doors along the Path. There are only six ways to exit the loop: five lead to the Trap and one leads back to room 1.

Navigate by clicking on numbers.

Image Map

Scan0003 Scan0007 Scan0009 Scan0010 Scan0013 Scan0014 Scan0016 Scan0018 Scan0019 Scan0021 Scan0025 Scan0027 Scan0031 Scan0033 Scan0034 Scan0035 Scan0036 Scan0041 Scan0044

- Images Copyright 1985 by Christopher Manson.



2 thoughts on “Rooms of the Loop

  1. I noticed a new way to map the center rooms(3, 7, 9, 16, 33, 35, 36) of the loop – they can actually align as a key, just like the trap rooms! I would share an image here but I’m not sure how. The interesting thing is that unlike the trap-key, where you want to stay in the handle of the key so as not to fall into 24, in the loop-key you want to go to the last prong, where 3 and 9 hold your exit into room 18 and the main part of the loop. The two keys are almost exact opposites of eachother! Perhaps the “keystone” riddle is actually hidden in the loop’s center instead of the trap, or perhaps the true riddle comes from comparing their rooms somehow?

  2. There is actually another smaller loop set that has only one escape into trap room #24. The rooms are 6, 11 (to trap room), 22, 38, 40 and 43. These are the areas referred to as the trap rooms.


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