Rooms of the Trap

The Trap: The lower (underground) level contains seven trap rooms. The trap rooms can be entered from many doors along the Path or five doors from the Loop. There are no exits from the Trap and room 24 (the trap within the Trap) has no exit doors and ends the journey.

Navigate by clicking on numbers.

Image Map

Scan0006 Scan0011 Scan0022 Scan0024 Scan0038 Scan0040 Scan0043

- Images Copyright 1985 by Christopher Manson.



10 thoughts on “Rooms of the Trap

  1. The keystone on the title page has a map of the trap on it. A few rooms of the trap have a face on the keystone or in a keystone-like position.
    6: face right on the keystone
    43: face over keystone, and sort of on it.
    38: half excavated face above door.

    Hope I’m not repeating info found elsewhere, there are a lot of post on this site.

    • I’ve been thinking along these lines also, but where do you see a map of the trap (unless you think a key symbol automatically signals the trap)? Also a thing that bugs me is that there’s a shadow that shouldn’t be there. If you look at the compass’s shadow you can see there’s an extra line there (it fall across the chisel) that shouldn’t be there. Where does it come from?

    • The shadow does look a little odd, but I think it is being projected by the lower half of the compass.

      Regarding where I see the map- I guess I am accepting that since the rooms of the trap can be laid out as a key, then the image of a key is a map or symbolic representation of the trap rooms. Maybe it is a bad assumption and leads to false reasoning…I don’t know.

    • the shadow of the compass (even the lower half) is already accounted for. You can see the whole thing. That line doesn’t come from anywhere.

  2. I’m not sure that it’s fair to say that 6 contains no warning. In a way, it contains too overt a warning–the important notice warning you about the Guide.

    • I think all these rooms have door indicators and trap warnings, I’m just going by WR’s confirmed solutions so far.

  3. The trap rooms are interesting these days! I am trying to kind of find some common threads in them. It seems like each room should have two components – a door indicator away from the path to 24, and a trap indicator.

    No door indicator yet
    No trap indicator yet

    No door indicator yet (though I think one exists to 22)
    Trap indicator = “part” sign

    No door indicator yet (though I will argue one on the 38 page)
    Trap indicator = No Escape sign

    Door indicator to 38
    Trap indicator = letters on wall

    Only 1 door
    No trap indicator (though as others have mentioned, TRAP can be found in the prominent word IMPORTANT)

    Door indicator to 40
    No trap indicator (though, again, the letters TRAP are in the sign, and possibly in the wires)

    • Good point about 11, it is literally caged in. And the text talks about confinement. And two instances of important in the text, which has the letters TRAP.


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