Guide: Introduction to The Loop

Introduction to the Loop

The Loop is a collection of rooms which either spiral back to Room 1 or lead the visitor to The Trap. The only way a visitor can reenter The Path is to return to Room 1. There are five doors which lead to The Trap, and one door which leads back to Room 1. Visitors who wind up in the Loop will wander around until they exit by one of these six doors. So the odds are greatly in favor of visitors winding up in The Trap. All the exit doors are clustered near Room 1. The rest of the Loop is rooms that just lead to other rooms of the Loop. Despite the fact that these rooms are just a black hole meant to suck visitors into The Trap, every room has riddles and solutions. Some rooms specify a door to help the visitors escape, other rooms let visitors know their sad circumstance, and others convey information about the “Guide.”

While the rooms of The Loop can be arranged in a multiple ways, I have arranged the Loop with the shortest path from Room 1 back to Room 1 as the foundation. This arrangement is has the advantage of presenting the rooms in a symmetrical manner. Given Mr. Manson’s love of symmetry I suspect this is close to the manner in which he mapped the rooms out for himself.


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